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july 8, 1892

Stanford & Son have sold twenty-seven of the established Light Running Deering Binders this season, and they are all running and giving the best of satisfaction. It is certainly a great machine, and is growing more and more popular.

Our excellent fellow-citizen, Mr. Wm. Vinyard, hangs out his sign in the Record today, as an auctioneer. He has had considerable experience, and wants more. Let him have it. A new broom, you know, sweeps clean.

Charles Curtis, Republican nominee for Congress, will address the people of Peabody and vicinity, Saturday night, at Butler’s Hall.

Marion county farmers are harvesting the finest wheat crop they ever harvested. There is scarcely a poor piece in the county. The weather has been delightful for the work.

Mr. W.R. West, of this city, has invented a car coupler, the model of which we have seen, and which we believe to be a great invention. It is so simple and yet so evidently “just the thing” long needed, that one wonders why it hasn’t been invented and in use long ago. We hope Mr. West will make a fortune out of it.

The Baptist ladies will hold a lawn social, and serve ice cream and cake, in Central Park next Saturday evening, July 9th. The nice moonlight evening will make it very pleasant and it is hoped there will be a good attendance.

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