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july 29, 1892

Mart Mansfield informs us that his house shipped nine carloads of wheat Tuesday that tested sixty-one pounds per bushel. He says in all his experience as a farmer or buyer he never saw anything like it.

The boys in Gale township put up a platform in the grove of trees at Alfred Brown’s and had a fine time dancing last Saturday night. There was a large attendance, and with plenty of cake and ice cream and they managed to put in a few hours of genuine pleasure.

Parents should not tire in instructing their children of the dangers of jumping off and on the Chingawasa train when in motion. Conductor Maltby and Engineer Wright are exceedingly careful, but it is impossible for them always to prevent the boys, and girls, too, for that matter, from incurring needless risks daily.

A lawn mower should be keen as a razor to do good work. Pyle & Willard have a special machine run by steam power to sharpen lawn mowers, which is lots cheaper and better than the old way of sharpening by hand.

Our fellow citizen, James Myers, was around Wednesday afternoon offering to produce a good rain for three hundred dollars and if he failed, not to charge a cent. He also offered to furnish credentials to the effect that he was as good a rainmaker as there is in Kansas.

Mr. E.S. Walton is in Chicago carpentering on the World’s Fair buildings.

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