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august 5, 1892

Ross Case, clerk for S.P. Bown, was the victim of a peculiar accident Tuesday noon. He left his delivery horse unhitched in front of Mr. P.F. Jones’ residence while he delivered some groceries. Just before he got back to the wagon the horse became frightened and ran. Ross tried to get hold of the reins but couldn’t, and catching hold of the shafts he ran along until he in some way got under the wagon, holding to the cross bar. In this perilous position he was dragged clear down town four or five blocks, when he let go and passed safely under the wagon without being struck by the wheels. He was badly bruised but is recovering all right.

Mr. Greasart, our popular and worthy tailor, returned Saturday from his New York trip. He says it is hotter there than in Kansas.

Ben Bell, a successful young farmer, has threshed and sold his wheat. He says it brought him more money at fifty-five cents than last year’s crop did at seventy-five.

Sylvester Drake’s restaurant, opposite the Courthouse, is a good place to go for a full 25 cent meal or a 15 cent lunch, or for a big dish of ice cream or for summer drinks. It is a popular place.

During the dog-day season, the drain of nervous and vital energy may be counteracted by the use of Ayer’s Sarsaparilla. In purifying the blood, it acts as a superb corrective and tonic, and enables the system to defy malarial and other climatic influences.

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