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september 2, 1892

The city schools will begin Monday, Sept. 12. Let every pupil be in his place the first morning. There has been no change in the course of study nor in the text books used. The dividing lines between the valley pupils and those attending the hill building will be the same as last year. These dividing lines have been established by the school board, and neither the Superintendent nor any other teacher has any authority to change them.

The crossing on Third street, at the southwest corner of the courthouse square, has been resurrected and placed on a higher level.

A unique entertainment, in the way of a Sunflower Tea, will be given by the Baptist ladies on Friday evening at their church. The people will be entertained by short literary exercises in the audience room, while refreshments will be served in the side room.

O.M. Lyman bought the great Kentucky Russel colt at the Hannaford sale. Mr. Lyman thinks he has secured a prize in this colt.

The sidewalk on the Billings hill is in a very bad condition, and every time it rains, the walk does not offer any better inducements to pedestrians than the middle of the street. We also hear a great deal of complaint from the ladies, who say it is almost impossible, even in dry weather, to come down the hill without soiling their skirts. We trust the sidewalk committee will give this matter their attention before winter sets in.

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