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september 23, 1892

Marion made an ineffectual attempt to start a canning factory. It is a pity the project was permitted to fail. We feel it could have been made a great success.

Dr. Gillette has returned from London, where he has been for many months, transacting business for Lord Scully.

Miss Chapman, an accomplished and experienced trimmer of St. Louis, now has charge of Thompson & Farr’s millinery department, and the ladies are invited to call and see all the latest and most fashionable styles.

Zack Taylor steps mighty high these days. Don’t blame him. An eleven pound boy is enough to inflate anybody’s feelings.

“It is an ill wind that blows no one any good.” The dread cholera scare is reviving interest in all our towns and cities in more stringent sanitary regulations, and will undoubtedly result in great good. “Clean up” is the cry from every quarter. A correspondent in today’s Record calls attention to this important subject. Read what he has to say. Agitate this subject.

Pyle and Williard are remodeling the flouring mill south of town, Wm. Austin, owner.

The writer spoke to a large and attentive audience at the Summit school house last Thursday evening. The visit revived many pleasant memories of our pioneer days in Marion county.

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