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september 30, 1892

Walter Sharp and E.A. Hodge will proclaim the virtues of Marion mineral water at the Wichita Fair this week, having shipped a few barrels of the water and taken several thousand circulars along. This will be a great advertisement for Marion and the Sanitarium.

Mr. Richard Harold left four ears of corn at this office last Saturday which were about the finest samples yet received at this great anti-calamity shop—and that is saying a great deal. Mr. Harold informs us that these samples were not “picked” ears, but average samples, and that they were grown within twelve feet of an eighteen-year-old hedge.

Nashie Thayer, the six-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Thayer, was thrown from a burro Wednesday and had two bones of an arm broken.

We neglected last week to note a change of neighbors. Mr. S.P. Bown sold his grocery to Mr. C.E. Butterfield, and the latter is busy at the old stand. Mr. Bown will go more extensively into farming. He is a splendid business man, and will make a good granger. We welcome Mr. Butterfield into business circles, and predict success for him. He is one of our worthy old settlers.

Mr. Barnet Bitner, a deserving old soldier, one of the stormers of Ft. Fisher, by the way, has been made happy with a $12 pension and $168 back pay, through the efforts of Mr. W.C. Reiff, the successful agent.

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