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october 28, 1892

The biggest torchlight procession ever seen in the county will no doubt dazzle the eyes of all beholders at the great Republican rally tomorrow night.

Hon. J.W. Moore, having served the full limit allowed a County Treasurer by law in Kansas, turned over his office last week to his successor Mr. T.P. Alexander. No more competent man ever filled the Treasurer’s office in this county.

Look out for campaign lies in the closing days of the contest.

Jerry Forney’s fine farm residence was consumed by fire last Saturday night, about nine o’clock. The fire originated in a flue in the garret, and was beyond control when discovered. The family lost all of the furniture and personal effects that were in the second story. The contents of the first story were generally saved.

Uncle George Griffith and Alex have been down in the Indian Territory for a week or two, hunting deer and antelope.

Our enterprising neighbors, Knapp & Scott, preempted the big elephant with Walter L. Main’s show last Friday and blanketed him with a big advertisement of their big grocery. Everything is on a big scale with this bighearted firm, except prices. They have an elephantine stock, both of goods and enterprise, but their prices are decidedly mousey.

The late rains have been just the thing for the wheat, and the great fields are rapidly clothing themselves in green.

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