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november 11, 1892

The Record enters upon its twenty-second year, this week, healthy and as happy as could be expected under the somewhat peculiar circumstances. Personally, the editor has new reasons for gratitude to the people of Marion county, who have just conferred upon him for a second time a great honor—an evidence of confidence which he would be ungrateful, indeed, if he did not appreciate.

Mrs. G.W. Stanforth has left the Square Hotel and is now prepared to take boarders by the day or week, at her Parlor Home, at 20 cts. a meal, and 20 cts. a bed.

Those large peach trees Mr. Samuel Burkholder Sr. has had for the last seventeen years in front of his house have been cut down and burned, as they were all killed last fall and winter. Peach trees, I believe, were generally killed all over this county.

We learn that on last Friday afternoon, Chas. Grosse, who was furnishing power for Mr. Thomas’ cane mill with his engine, while attempting to unchoke the mill, was caught by the cogs and the end of a shaft gave him a most ghastly wound in the right axilla, the skin and muscles being badly torn, and the arteries exposed. Dr. Harris was called, and stitched a seam a foot long, cleaned and dressed the wound antiseptically. On Wednesday forenoon the wound was redressed, and was found to be progressing finely.

Mrs. Rankin, of Sterling, a lady of extensive hotel experience, has rented the Square Hotel, and will be fully ready for guests by the 15th of this month.

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