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december 23, 1892

Our people, particularly those on Main street, were startled and shocked, on Saturday morning, by a messenger boy on horseback bearing the awful news that Roy Jaques was under the ice, a mile or so down the Cottonwood, where he and a half dozen other little boys had been skating. Strong men rushed to the scene, but all were helpless until a boat and other means of rescue could be obtained. An hour or more elapsed before the body was rescued, and though every effort was made to restore life, it was too late. Roy Jaques was well known all over town, having borne telegraph messages to most of the business men. He was his mother’s constant helper about her millinery store and in the home.

Hon. R.M. Crane, for long years a highly esteemed citizen of Marion, and for eight years our State Senator, came in from Denver, his present home, last Saturday, and remained till Wednesday attending to business and greeting his big army of friends here. His bright little Bertha accompanied him.

“A snake in the grass” is all the more dangerous from being unsuspected. So are many of the blood medicines offered to the public. To avoid all risk, ask the druggist for Ayer’s Sarsaparilla, and also for Ayer’s Almanac, which is just out for the new year.

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