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december 23, 1892

Last Friday afternoon was a very happy occasion for the children of the Valley primary school. An excellent programme was arranged.

Appropriate songs and recitation for Xmas were given by the pupils, each one seeming eager to do their best, and in which they so well succeeded.

At the close of the exercises, a toy or doll was presented to each one. Then sleigh bells were heard, and Santa Claus arrived loaded with oranges, candy, etc., amidst screams of delight from the children.

Willard Funk represented Santa Claus so well that he was hardly recognized. I have noticed in visiting this department from time to time the unity and love existing between teacher and pupil. Great praise is due Miss Anna Bown for the able manner in which she conducts her school.


Having purchased the interest of Mr. C.F. Brooker in the furniture business, I will continue to carry the largest, neatest and nicest stock of furniture, wall paper and window shades west of Kansas City, and at prices for CASH that you can’t duplicate anywhere. Ben B. Carter, Jex Block, 1 door east of Steiners.

The Bethany Quintette Concert Company will give an entertainment in Peabody on the evening of December 28. This company consists of six graduates of the musical conservatories of Europe. This is another good chance for Marion young people, and old young people, too, to have another good time.

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