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october 18, 1889

The Lawrence Record says that “of all the building stone in the State none are likely to stand all tests and answer all demands so satisfactorily as that from Strong City.” Our esteemed namesake talks on this subject with the usual confidence and inaccuracy of a journalistic juvenile. What does the Lawrence editor know, or indeed what does anybody yet know of “all the building stone in the State?” Our brother in the shadow of Mount Oread has evidently never seen any Marion stone.

A Marion boy wonders why people enquire after the welfare of people who are sick. He thinks they should enquire about the sickfare.

The silk station at Peabody, which seems to have sunk out of sight since the interest in sorghum sugar and salt has risen, is reported to be in fine condition. Dr. L.A. Buck, the silk commissioner, says they have more silk this season and of better quality than ever before.

That plug tobacco belonged to Will Brumbaugh. The RECORD seldom fails to find the owner of a lost article.

Father Kelsey proposes to help keep the wolf from the editorial door, if he has to use a derrick to do it. He lugged in here, Wednesday, a sweet potato that weighs over seven pounds.

Dan S. Lindsay has had a big bay window made to his residence. The window is for Mrs. Lindsay’s plants, of which she has probably the finest and largest collection in the city.

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