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JAN. 9, 1885

We received through the mail, one day last week a neatly executed crayon picture of the stone arch bridge which spans the Luta on Main street, Marion.

The picture is 15x16 inches in size and is a very accurate representation of the splendid structure of which the RECORD and all Marion is proud.

We don’t know what skillful artist executed this handsome piece of penciling, but it was evidently done by one of our Chicago subscribers, as it bore the postmark of that city. Whoever it was will please accept our thanks.

Two young men engaged in a fistcuff on Main street, Monday, and one of them got badly used up.

We don’t know anything about the cause of the fracas, and don’t want to, but we always dislike to see or hear of an encounter of this sort. There isn’t any necessity for one fight in a hundred that is fought. No matter who whips, if the victor is a gentleman, he feels about as badly as the other fellow. Boys, don’t fight unless you have to, and don’t “have to.”

Walter Sharp is delivering a great deal of his mineral water around town, and many testimonies of its effects are coming to him. As the RECORD remarked when this peculiar vein of water was first “struck,” “who knows but that it may yet make Marion a great health resort?”

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