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sept. 2, 1887

Men, young or old, can find no more pleasant place to spend an idle hour, day or evening, than in room No. 7, Young Block, recently opened by the Young Men’s Christian Association. The room is large and comfortable, and Secretary Johnson will be glad to welcome visitors at any time. Strangers in the city are cordially invited to call and make themselves at home.

A upright furnace at a foundry fell suddenly Tuesday morning, nearly killing George Wishart, brother of the proprietor, J.M. Wishart. The furnace, a large iron cylinder 20 feet high, was being walled on the inside with brick, George doing the work, and being nearly to the top when the whole thing fell over, probably six tons of stuff. Mr. Wishart was seriously hurt but is now getting all right. The only wonder is that he wasn’t killed.

Our blind friend, Frank Penland, bought us some fine specimens of corn last Saturday from land that has had corn raised upon it for 22 consecutive years. The ears were large, but Frank said, “there may have been smaller ears in the field, but if there were, I didn’t see them!”

The Queen City Town Company has purchased 40-odd feet of ground at the north end of 3rd St. and will open the street into their fine addition north of the Luta. Workmen are busy clearing an opening of the street. A bridge will be erected just as soon as it can be. The company means business.

Last modified Aug. 18, 2022