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Dec. 23, 1887

Uncle George Griffith judges from the cornhusks, muskrats, and beavers that we are to have a mild winter.

For once, a blizzard has failed to catch Marion without coal. Our dealers were all supplied, we understand, when the nor’wester struck us Monday.

The oyster supper last Friday evening at the Bixler schoolhouse was a gratifying success and netted the friends out there more than $20 besides lots of fun.

Extremes do meet. It might be possible for there to be a prettier day than last Sunday or a worse night than Monday night, but then it is hard to conceive of either.

For the first time in our life, we saw a white rat Monday. John Leachman brought it into the office that day, his cat having caught it and brought it into his store, dead, a short time before. It was about half-grown and nearly as white as the paper upon which these words are printed.

The Presbyterian church is graced with a brand new organ. It is a fine and handsome instrument. The old one this supplanted and set aside was considered a big thing when it was purchased in pioneer days. It was one of the very first organs brought to the town, and nearly everybody then here contributed something to pay for it.

Fred Lewis left Tuesday for St. Louis to meet his long lost, but recently found, brother. The meeting was, of course, a joyous one.

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