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march 22, 1978

Marion county has 2,613 children of school age. Over sixty school buildings, averaging in value $1000 each are already erected. Emigrants, make a note of this.

Three families of Indianans, relatives of Messr. Waddle who recently located in Clear creek, have arrived, and will likewise make their home among us. We welcome all new comers.

A new business alliance is announced in our advertising columns, to-day. Stephen Jex and Tomas Groat will hereafter constitute a firm. They are well known as the boss stone cutters of this region.

Mr. Levi Billings has rented his farm and some other lands to Messrs. S. Halsey, V.R. Miller, and E.S. Crisfield, of New York, who have taken possession and gone to work in a way that looks like business. We wish them the success they seem determined to achieve.

Let everyone do something to improve the town, by doing something to improve their homes. All can “clean up” their premises, set out a few trees, and cultivate a few flowers—all can do that. Let those who are able paint their houses, build fences, and adorn their premises in every way possible. Every one who does what he can in this way not only makes home happier, but is a public benefactor. Every one can do something to contribute to this growing sentiment of town pride, and they owe it to themselves and to the town to do that something, whatever it may be.

Last modified March 22, 2018