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may 18, 1878

The late frosts did no damage of any consequence to the fruit in this section, and the prospects promise abundance thereof. The frosts, however, did great good in destroying wild buckwheat, which in some places, was about to crowd out the wheat. Rainfall for the past few weeks, 3½ inches. How is that for the “Great American Desert?”

The fellow who was sure, a few weeks ago, that the grasshoppers would destroy everything this spring, was in town the other day. He has weakened on the grasshopper subject, but is now confident that there’ll be a drought this summer. That’s the way he interprets these splendid rains we are having.

Farmers are both astonished and delighted at the wheat prospects. Many fields which were though a total failure, a few weeks ago, now promise a good yield.

Few people in this emporium realize as fully as they should that Marion Centre has an enviable location geographically. Just turn to a map of the United States, and gaze at it. There it is—Kansas in the center of the United States, Marion county in the center of Kansas, and Marion Centre in the center of the county. And we may add, the Record office in the center of the city. Then it will be seen that all the rest of the country is merely suburban to this metropolis!

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