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october 11, 1878

We rejoice. We have cause to rejoice. It is a time for rejoicing. The Court house contract has been let, and a large force of mechanics are already busy at work. Within ninety days, Marion county will have a Court house which will be an honor and an ornament to the county, a saving to the people, and a monument to the wisdom and courage of those who have planned and executed the enterprise…

Mr. C.R. Roberts brought us about the largest gourd, yesterday, our eyes ever gazed upon. It measures five feet in circumference.

A Word of Caution. It is reported that certain sore-headed parties are scheming to spring a county-seat contest. We don’t believe any respectable body of citizens will engage in that kind of business, but if it should be attempted, we would caution every man opposed to such a struggle against encouraging the fight by signing any petition in favor of it.

Quick upon the heels of the Court House decision comes a telegram from Mr. Nickerson, in Boston, President of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Company, announcing that they have accepted the Marion and McPherson railroad proposition submitted to them several weeks ago, and our people are justly jubilant. This is glorious news. It is not decided yet, but it is thought probable that the route will start from Elmdale, which is about on an air line with this place, McPherson and Great Bend.

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