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october 18, 1878

Work progresses briskly on the Court House.

The Court room has been supplied with spittoons, and users of the weed are invited by posted notices to use them. As a friend remarks, “If you expect to rate as a gentleman, don’t expectorate on the floor.”

A conspicuous advertisement of Mr. E.M. Eby’s saddlery and harness shop appears in to-day’s RECORD. Mr. Eby is one of our old settlers, and has been in business here too long, and is too well known to need an introduction at our hands. He is one of the old reliable. Be sure to interview him when you want anything in his line.

A Canadian gentleman has rented the Rouse blacksmith stand, and will open a shop at once. Another place to borrow anvils for that railroad jollification.

John Mehl has gone to St. Louis and Chicago to purchase, as he says, one of the largest stock of goods ever brought to the Centre, and this is saying a great deal, for there are some immense stocks there now. That magnificent store room of his will be crowded with goods and buyers

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