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october 25, 1878

Already the two other county papers are beginning to slur Marion Centre’s new railroad project, and we hear of other parties outside of the townships to be touched by the road talking of opposing the measure. Now we want to suggest to every such busy-body that it would probably be as well for them to attend to their own knitting and let other folks’ affairs alone. The animus of these papers and people is plain—they are actuated by a petty selfishness. They are afraid some one besides themselves will prosper.

The bridge across Cottonwood river, at the foot of First street, rapidly approaches completion. When finished it will be one of the best and cheapest bridges in the county.

We had a foretaste of winter early this week. There was quite a freeze several nights.

Battey Bros. are on time with a full variety of stoves. But among the stock is one especially which gets away with any heating stove in the market. It is “Crown Jewel” base burner, and it’s a charmer, sure. Go see it.

The yellow fever still tortures the south. No tongue can tell, no pen portray the horrors of this terrible visitation. Would that we could send the yellow fever districts some of these splendid frosts we are having.

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