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september 12, 1879

Mr. H.B. Thompson, an enterprising acquisition to the city, has opened a grocery establishment in part of one of Dr. Rogers’ capacious new rooms, the Doctor occupying the other side with a new stock of drugs. The whole makes one of the handsomest establishments in town.

Charlie Mehl is building a house for his meat market, west of his brother John’s store.

There will be an ice cream festival at the Whipple school house next Tuesday evening, gotten up by the Good Templars Lodge which meets there. A nice time is anticipated, and everybody is invited.

Now isn’t is remarkable that though a new railroad has been built through Marion Centre, and the town has been full of transients, not a row has occurred, a drunken man is seldom seen on the streets, and perfect peace and good order is maintained amid the most prosperous times and flourishing business?

Who thinks this would be the condition of affairs were the city possessed of saloons?

Dr. Hannaford’s fine young Hamiltonian stallion died last Saturday night. It was a fine blooded, fine looking, and very promising animal, and its death is a great loss, not only to Dr. Hannaford in particular, but to the horse-stock interests of the county generally.

This is the second fine Kentucky stallion Dr. Hannaford has lost in a little more than a year.

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