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september 19, 1879

A.W. Robinson, the founder of the first paper in Marion county, is a candidate for Register of Deeds of Jefferson county. He established the Western News in Marion Centre in the fall of 1870, and the Record, which is but a continuation of the enterprise, wishes him success in his present candidacy.

Lumber for the depot has arrived.

The newest addition on the streets is Monohon’s delivery wagon. It is nice. And it was made in Marion Centre, too. Doc Cline did the wood work, James McAlister the iron work, and Jack Widmeyer painted it.

The infant twins, left by the late Mrs. G.C. Coble, have both joined her in the spirit world.

The telegraph poles are up between Florence and Marion Centre. Considering the fact that many good railroad towns, such as Eldorado, for instance, have no telegraphic connection, Marion Centre is justifiable in feeling a little “stuck up,” just now. There’s nothing like living on a great trans-continental railroad, you see.

Winter approaches. We know it by the large loads of stoves being received by the hardware men.

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