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january 16, 1880

Mr. Jex’s handsome stone store building has been sold, even before its completion. Mr. Richard Williams being the lucky purchaser. Mr. Jex informs us that he will proceed at once to the erection of another building adjoining it, on the corner. Mr. Jex will be entitled to the appellation of a town benefactor.

The seating capacity of Rogers Hall has been increased by the addition of sixty chairs, for which the Methodist congregation, which worships there, is grateful to a liberal public.

Mr. G.W. Stockman, of the McPherson Novelty Works, was in Marion Centre Wednesday making arrangements for procuring stone for building purposes this season, He says that there will be great demand for Marion Centre building and pavement stone out there this year.

Lots are “going off like hot cakes” in the new addition on the hill, south of the school house, and the prospects are good for the erection of a large number of houses thereon, this season.

The bell for the Presbyterian Church has arrived. It is a very large one, and we hope the work of finishing the church will proceed at once, so that we can hear the tones of the first church bell in Marion Centre. It will seem to us like another step toward a higher civilization and greater refinement.

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