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january 30, 1880

Town pride is booming.

The new crossing on Third street is ridiculed by some, but that makes no difference. Let’s try it awhile before condemning it, anyhow. There never has been a crossing in town worth shucks, and if this proves to be a good thing, as we believe it will, we shall take great pleasure in remarking the “those laugh best who laugh last.”

Valentine day approaches.

Winter can’t restrain the spirit of improvement abroad in this city. A half dozen new houses are being erected in spite of the weather. As soon as winter is over, building operations will be resumed on a big scale.

The work of macadamizing the twenty-five foot strip through the center of Main street is about completed. It is a fine thing for Main street and for the city.

Now if curbing and guttering could be done in some way by public effort, we believe the owners of lots on Main street would finish the macadamizing immediately at their own expense.

Or even if the city would permanently establish the drainage routes and inclinations, many individuals would curb, gutter and macadamize at their own expense.

Last modified Jan. 29, 2020