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march 26, 1880

Mr. W.B. Green has recently executed one of the handsomest pieces of hand map work we ever saw. It is a diagram of the business portions of Marion Centre made for the Phoenix Insurance company of which W.F. Hoch is agent. “Will” Green is the most elegant penman in the county.

The Collier Coal Company, of Peabody, has commenced boring on Mr. Potter’s farm. It is proposed to go down at least five hundred feet.

Bob Baker has a nice new delivery wagon, and is as proud of it as a girl is of her first beau. The wagon is a Marion Centre institution, and is a creditable “turn out” for the workmen. D.H. Cline, wood work; Jas. H. McAlister, blacksmith; and Widmeyer & Glover, painters.

The Peabody cemetery is in rather a bad predicament. The title to the property has passed into the hands of a gentleman in New York, who of course does not take the pride in the premises which parties having loved ones buried there would wish. It is a pity that the city, or some resident friends of the city, does not own the property.

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