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may 7, 1880

The city fathers believe that cleanliness is next to godliness, and propose to compel parties who are not otherwise so inclined, to keep their premises in the city clean, hereafter. Some stringent sanitary enactment is urgently needed. There is a place not a thousand miles from this office where the good work cannot begin any too soon.

A lot of gypsies were around last week telling fortunes—lies—and begging victuals and old clothes. At one place they were not satisfied with the substantial edibles furnished them by the too generous lady of the house, but insisted on having some pies and cakes set out to them.

With three fine soda fountains in town, lovers of that cooling beverage should be able to survive this summer.

Henry Hett was in town, Wednesday, exhibiting a specimen of lucus naturae in the form of a pig with one head, two bodies and seven legs. It was born dead. Had it lived, Henry would have had a bonanza in the show line.

M.H. Stone has set an example which if followed by all of us having property on Main street, would soon make Main street a fine thoroughfare indeed. We allude to the macadamizing he has done in front of his lumber yard.

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