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june 18, 1880

Harvest is at hand. Wheat is well headed, but short. Plowing corn is the order of the day.

Dr. Hannaford was called upon Wednesday to perform a surgical operation upon a very valuable colt belonging to Ben Baker, which had been fearfully lacerated by one of these modern stock destroyers — a barbed wire fence.

We understand that the McPherson folks are contemplating an excursion to Marion Centre on July 3rd, for the purpose of celebrating the day in the finest natural park in the State. We hope there will be no liquor sold down there at that time. It is wrong to sell liquor on the 4th of July.

Mr. Bradley is fixing up those two handsome houses of his more like palaces for kings than tenement houses. Which they are designed to be.

Mrs. A.R. Hill was thrown from her buggy on Main Street Tuesday morning and severely bruised.

One of the recent valuable additions to our business men is Mr. S. Thompson, who has opened a restaurant and bakery in the old Corbett & Bown building. Warm meals served at all hours.

Well, the ladies did go a fishing last Friday, we believe, but up to this writing we can hear of nothing they caught except crawfish and colds.

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