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september 23. 1881

Marion Centre honored herself in honoring the memory of James A. Garfield, last Monday.

On Saturday Mayor Dudley caused to be circulated in printed form a proclamation, requesting the business houses to be closed from ten till one o’clock, Monday, and asking the people of the place to unite in some sort of services befitting the obsequies of the nation’s beloved President.

The Mayor’s proclamation found a warm response in the hearts of our people. The business houses were closed, and generally wore habiliments of mourning. The public school was dismissed for the day.

Public services were held at the Methodist church, conducted by the pastor, Rev. C.B. Mitchell, assisted by Rev. Mr. Bruce, a visiting Presbyterian minister.

The interior of the church was arrayed in many emblems of sorrow, tastefully arranged.

The house was filled with people whose countenance gave evidence that they came from no idle curiosity, or to do formal duty, but were there to participate in a heart service to the memory of one who was more than their country’s ruler, one who was near and dear to them personally.

The time has come for setting out prairie fires. The grass is crisp and burns nicely. You can easily destroy a vast amount of property in a very short time, and in the glare of the devastating elements you may truly and learnedly exclaim, “Behold what a fire a little spark kindleth,” or words to that effect. It makes no difference how much other people lose, so you succeed in protecting your own property.

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