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september 30, 1881

Gen. Garfield owned only about $25,000 worth of property, which was mortgaged, besides, for about half its value. But he was rich in wisdom, rich in character, and rich in the love of his countrymen. Ah, these be the riches that are imperishable!

The large number of coal houses being built around town indicates that winter approaches.

The reunion of the Army of the Cumberland at Chattanooga, last week, marks an epoch in the fraternization of sections. Blue and gray mingled, and old enemies shook hands in cordial friendship. Peace hath her victories more renowned than war.

Mr. B. Fanning will be here next week with thirty or forty head of nice milk cows, which he will sell, if purchasers can be found. Here’s a chance to get a good cow at good rates, no doubt, reader.

Whenever we want anything hereafter, we’ll just call on Mr. Jacob Goss. He has kindly responded to several of our appeals, the latest being a half bushel of fine clingstone peaches furnished in response to the local last week.

The time has arrived for setting out prairie fires. The grass is crisp and burns nicely. You can very easily destroy a vast amount of property in a very short time, and in the glare of the devastating elements you may truly and learnedly exclaim, “Behold what a fire a little spark kindleth,” or words to that effect.

We understand that the name of Mr. Levi Billings is being talked of for Commissioner from this District. We know of no one whose election would give us more satisfaction. Experienced in public affairs, of sound judgment, calm, conservative nature, an enterprising, successful business man, a good citizen and a genial gentleman, he would make a capital Commissioner.

Last modified Sept. 30, 2021