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october 28, 1881

Governor St. John recently addressed a temperance meeting at Bloomington, Illinois. He declared that Kansas was never so flourishing as now, and challenged as untrue all statements that business was languishing because of prohibition.

The Marion Centre post office has been promoted to a regular governmental office and Frank’s tenure will in the future depend upon the Presidential signature. It is needless to add that Frank is now a stalwart Arthur man.

Mr. Wm. Kellison, one of Marion Centre’s most public spirited, liberal citizens, has been quite ill all this week. We wish him speedy and permanent recovery.

A new set of scales have been put in front of the Chicago Lumber Company’s office.

A good substantial lumber sidewalk has been put in in front of Morse’s lumberyard, for which pedestrians traveling that way will call Morse and Carter blessed.

We have just been waiting until we got a good read to maintain with absolute certainty an enlarged and improved paper, but if the rush upon our advertising continues, we will be compelled to do something of the sort very soon. We are grateful for the patronage the RECORD is receiving, and shall strive to merit the continued favors of our friends.

New York parties have made a proposition to build a railroad from McPherson to Wichita, via Burrton and Sedgwick, a distance of 55 miles for the right of way and $2,500 in local aid, which will be given. A movement is on foot to commence the making up of the necessary aid at once.

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