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February 3, 1882

The jury in the case of the United States against Charles Julius Guiteau, for the murder of James A. Garfield, after ten minutes deliberation returned a verdict of “guilty as indicted.”

Kansas reached her “majority” last Sunday, that being the twenty-first anniversary of her admission into the Union. In the sisterhood of states, there is not a fairer one than Kansas.

The new iron railroad bridge across the Cottonwood at Florence is completed, and the Herald pronounces it “a solid, substantial structure.” Florence is now splendidly supplied with bridges.

Somebody is selling liquor in this town, on the sly, and that somebody, whoever he is, had better look a little out. The people of this place are a law abiding people, and more than that they wouldn’t license dram shops under the old law, and they won’t tolerate very much foolishness now. A word to the wise is sufficient.

Dr. Coburn, the dentist, has a new organ in his office, with which he probably passes the time when not professionally engaged.

The second snow, and really the only snow worthy of the name this season, gently descended Monday covering the ground to a depth of several inches.

We “took in” the pie party (likewise some of the pies) at the residence of Mrs. C. Reed, last Tuesday night. It was a very pleasant gathering, and in addition to the social and epicurean excellencies, a snug little sum was added to the treasury of the Christian Social Circle.

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