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dec. 27, 1878

If present intentions are carried out there will be a great many buildings erected next spring in Marion Centre.

The snow, which has for two weeks mantled the earth here, seems to have extended all over those portions of the United States subject to such visitations, and in England it is said to have been the severest known for 30 years.

It’s unlucky to be a turkey. Thanksgiving is hardly passed before Christmas comes.

E.W. Connick of Catlin Township is some on the hunt. In fact, he appears to be the boss rabbit scalper of the county. He was in town last Saturday with 128 scalps, 115 of which were taken from rabbits he killed during this snow time. If Connick should get thoroughly in earnest once in this business, he would probably bankrupt the county in a short time. He got $6.40 for this haul.

The weather has been cold for honey making, and yet there have been two bees on Middle Creek lately. The first was a sewing-bee at J.W. Garrison’s, where all the feminines for miles around were present and any amount of sewing was one in the daytime, and in the evening there was ”fun for the millions.” Number present, 43. A week later, the Bees met at J.T. Sampson’s, and an awful sight of sewing was done.

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