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jan. 3, 1879

The year 1878 has passed into history. As we view it in retrospect, we see much to rejoice over. It has been a fruitful year. Bounteous crops have blessed the tillers of the soil, and peace and plenty — twin titles of prosperity — have gladdened the hearts of the people.

Wm. Jiles, a practical jeweler of large experience, has located in Marion Centre, and can be found with J.C. Mehl. He solicits all kinds of work in his line. We welcome him to town and bespeak for him a liberal patronage.

Extreme cold weather experienced by Kansans for the past three or four weeks is by no means confined to Kansas. It is intensely cold all over the country. For the first time in the annals of Kansas, as far as we have any account, snow has lain on the ground three weeks.

After a varied experience in the safe business, we have at last settled down perfectly satisfied with a finely finished, double-doored Hall safe, which weighs 2,300 pounds and is as pretty as a peach. If you want to see something nice in this line, walk right into the mammoth newspaper emporium.

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