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march 7, 1879

We must not expect to miss the evils of the railroad while receiving its benefits. Tramps will pour in upon us to beg, to pilfer, to burglarize, and to garrote. Some stringent ordinance should be passed by the City Council to meet this emergency.

We have seen a new map of Marion and some adjoining counties gotten up in Kansas City for Case & Billings of this place. The sheet upon which the map is printed is about as large as one page of the Record, and on the other side will be valuable facts for emigrants. That circular will do this county and town immense good.

Alexander & Bowron, our new hardware merchants, are building up a big business.

Mr. Dudley’s home is improved in value by a new cistern. Every family should have a cistern. Soft water is one of women’s best friends, and when it is known that a cistern of 60- or 75-barrel capacity can be put in at a total cost of only about $25, it seems that no woman should be compelled to use this hard limestone water all the time. We make a plea for more cisterns.

A report in circulation Wednesday that our city druggist had gone deranged was erroneous. It was only a temporary aberration of mind occasioned by a fine daughter taking up abode with him, and now new father John Wand is the happiest man in town.

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