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march 21, 1879

The courthouse is nearly enclosed. When externally finished, it will look so nice and be such an excellent job of workmanship that the men with hardihood enough to admit they opposed its building will be as scarce as hen’s teeth.

Various parties around town have suggested the name of W.F. Hoch for police judge.

He respectfully but firmly declines with thanks. Too many irons in the fire already. Besides, he believes with the editor that under ordinary circumstances, the usefulness of a newspaper is impaired by its proprietors’ holding office, the duties of which call for frequent newspaper attention.

The editor surrendered his matured convictions on this subject to serve the city as councilman the past year and has been sorry of it all the time — and so has the city, probably.

Horse thieving and petty stealing is getting quite too common out through the country. If these light-fingered rascals don’t watch out, some of them will be made examples of.

There are 14 stone school buildings in Marion County. All of them ought to be stone.

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