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june 6, 1879

Quite a heavy frost whitened the earth last Monday morning and did some little damage to corn in some localities.

Will Bates is trying his best to break up this establishment. Not content with settling a peanut and knickknack stand right adjoining our office to gobble all our small change, he has now, with malice aforethought, added an ice cream saloon to the other temptations of the place. We shall get White of Florence to enjoin Bates at once.

If church congregations continue to increase in size, something will have to be done to accommodate the people.

Billings Park is a really pleasurable place of resort this spring. Everything fresh and green. Messrs. Martin and Peyer, who dispense refreshments, are keeping a nice house and preserving good order about the premises. They have refused to make a beer garden of the place — a fit resort for ladies and gentlemen instead of one inviting the roughs to monopolize its shades and pleasure. They deserve well of all the people. Let them be encouraged by a liberal patronage.

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