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june 13, 1879

Messrs. Corby and Sparrow’s first experiment with brick making was something of a discouragement, the clay proving of an inferior quality after passing several feet below the surface.

They have since made a thorough test of clay found on Wm. Moulton’s farm, having sunk several shafts six or seven feet and made some excellent brick.

They will revolutionize the brick business here.

When will the bandstand be completed?

The calaboose will soon have iron “innards” and then let the prisoner break out if he can.

Mellie Billings was exhibiting a live black snake around town Monday. It measured about six feet in length.

Work is progressing on the M & M all along the line. Hundreds of men are at work, and many miles of the grading have been completed.

If you want to see a nice job of plastering, go and inspect the storeroom plastered by Dave Lucas for Mrs. Tamiet. It was done with Marion Centre material, even to the white-coat finish, the lime for that having been procured from Mr. Comstock’s kiln.

Last modified June 5, 2024