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july 24, 1991

It’s been a particularly bad year for chiggers. One Kansan has counted 328 bites from his insteps to his neck. According to Don Mock, Extension entomologist at Kansas State University, chigger larvae doesn’t suck blood or burrow into the skin. Instead, it attaches its mouthparts to the skin surface. By the time you notice the itching and red welt, it’s probably moved out.

The haunting wail of Scottish bagpipes will fill downtown Marion skies Saturday evening at Summerfest ’91 when the McPherson Pipe Band performs at 7:30 p.m. on Central Park Stage. Also performing will be the Green Boys, a Wichita duo that features Irish tunes.

“Stormin’ Norman” would be proud of the little guy from Marion who’s been impersonating him. The general wouldn’t mind a bit, knowing that Brian Bina has been appearing in parades in his electric powered Jeep, full battle gear, four stars and all, disguised as the American hero of the Persian Gulf War.

Jennifer Anderes will reign over the Tri-County Free Fair from Thursday through Saturday at Herington. Amy Brunner, member of Lincolnville Wide-Awake 4-H Club, was selected as first attendant.

Pictured is a single blooming water lily in Bill Sherbert’s man-made backyard pond. Water lilies also have recently been introduced in the antique fountain in Central Park where it is hoped they will flourish.

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