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January 31, 1996

City of Marion commissioners met with Curt Friesen, president of Southwind of Wichita, Monday afternoon to discuss the proposed Internet service to be provided in Marion County. Southwind has been in business at Wichita since October 1994, and is one of the largest Internet servers in that market.

Candidates for 1996 Marion High School Queen of Courts are Jenny Groening, Kim Hajek, and Mattie Christiansen. King candidates are Jesse Bowers, Chuck Maggard, and Josh Cooper. The ceremony is set for Friday at the Sacred Heart game. Little helpers are Jake Bredemeier and Alycia Pontious.

Sheriff Edward Davies filed June 24 for re-election. He has served two full terms after filling an unexpired term in 1988.

Some of the Marion and Hillsboro home-students who visited the Marion County Record office Friday are shown watching Joan Meyer compose text on a computer. Students were Ruth, Greta, and Lance Kliewer, Ollie, Darcie, and Micah Mashburn, and Paula and Aaron Herbel.

A group opposed to Browning-Ferris Industries operating a landfill in Marion County will sponsor a public meeting Monday in Hillsboro. The meeting will be at Hillsboro High School.

Several Marion boys took advantage of an early release day at school to pull out the in-line skates for some hockey at Marion High School. Enjoying the weather were John Ottensmeier, Dalton Freeman, Kirk Buckner, Travis Moore, and Jerel Mulvenon.

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