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april 12, 1978

Complaining groups called at the regular meeting of Marion County Commissioners Monday morning to present their case of “impossible” road conditions.

Mark Rathert, a native of Marion, has been named project coordinator during construction of the new 36-hole golf course at the proposed resort at Kaw Reservoir, 85 miles south of Wichita. Rathert is a design associate in the Robert Trent Jones and Associates firm, Palo Alto, Calif.

Players in the leading roles of “Fiddler on the Roof” to be given Friday and Saturday at Marion Municipal Auditorium include Jerry Elmore, Molly Ferrell, Colene Wiebe, Randy Just, Lori Harris, Bill Hoch, Linda Schaffer, Greg Boyle, Sandy Bridges and Mike Fruechting.

A volunteer group, representing the Mud Creek Company, presented the play “Who’s Counting?” April 11 at Hilltop Manor. Cast members included Verona Mullikin, Ida Young, Earl Bartlett, Janet Bryant and the Rev. Diane Helsel, who also directed.

Jeff Brewer, talented musician and successful teacher, is featured this week in Ruth Meyer’s “Personality Profile” column.

A hailstorm last year damaged two trees in the John Darting yard at the Marion County Lake. One was a blooming peach tree, the other a cherry tree. This spring, the peach tree is full of cherry blossoms and tiny green cherries are forming.

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