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october 11. 1978

The Centre High School carpentry class has accepted another major building project this year. They are constructing a 1,400-square-foot home for Mr. and Mrs. Gene Costello.

Marriages reported in this issue include those of Kay Blackman and Charles Tajchman, who were married Sept. 16, and Gayle Hannaford and Michael Thomas, Sept. 23.

A party celebrating the eighth birthday of Charlotte Thies was held Friday evening. The girls enjoyed a spaghetti dinner, witch’s cake and ice cream. Those attending were Laci Brooks, Brook Dietrich, Sara Gough, Lilly Guerra, Shelly Moore, Alison Ogden, Robin Summervill, Jennifer Waner, and Natalie Thies.

The history of Clarence and Winnie (Nelson) Conyers and their families is told in this week’s “Personality Profile.”

On Wednesday, Marion students joined millions of fellow students across the United States in judging a common meal: oven fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, carrot and celery sticks, orange wedges, angel biscuit and honey butter, raisin oatmeal cookie and milk. Pictured going through the line and being served by Mary White and Irma Waner at Marion Elementary School are Mike Loomis, April Ogden and Marni Bina.

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