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july 1, 1981

Street lights along Main were given a rare workout shortly before noon Friday. Thunderheads blotted out enough sunlight to trigger the electronic eyes which regulate the lights.

Marion taxpayers are spending $16,000 to paint the water tower near the school grounds. It will get a new coat, inside and out, so the old landmark may continue to serve the community. Vandals who paint on the tower not only take a big physical risk, they also risk legal punishment and cost their parents a bundle in taxes.

Kathy Hayes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joel Hayes, and Jenny McGuire daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe McGuire, have been select to receive scholarships to participate in the National FFA Leadership Conference July 5-11 in Washington, District of Columbia

Marriages reported in this issue include those of Ann Christensen and Randell Crask on June 13; Robyn Morgan and Richard Roberts, May 14; Jeanne Summerville and Steven Kendall, May 30; and Beth Anne Krehbiel and Steven Hanschu, May 30.

The cast for the Mud Creek Players’ presentation of “Story Theatre” includes Jackie Richmond, Linda Schaffer, Patricia Klenda, Kathy Henderson, Bob Brookens, Kelly Blackman, Bill Hoch, and Pat Fox. The performance is directed by Dick Varenhorst. The production is scheduled for July 24 and 25 in Central Park.

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