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august 12, 1981

This week’s Produce Derby entrants were Richard Rittel with three 2-pound cucumbers from his home garden; Matthew Holub, 5-year-old-son of Mr. and Mrs. Pat Holub, with a giant squash weighing 8¼ pounds that he found in his grandmother’s garden; and a 10½-pound cantaloupe brought in by Wanda Richmond that was grown in the greenhouse at Conyers Flowers.

Meggan Silhan, four-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Terry Silhan of Pilsen, was chosen as first place winner in the 3- to 4-year-old category in the Tri-Rivers Fair Baby Beauty contest Aug. 4 in Salina.

Ern Hett and his brother, Russ, are pictured as they install attractive wrought iron signs over the two walk-in entrances to Central Park during a rainy Monday morning while Randee Loomis and Margaret Pickering watch from the protection of an umbrella. Sponsored by Twentieth Century Club, of which Loomis is president and Pickering is project chairman, the signs were constructed at Ern Hett’s Copper Shed.

Doug Kjellin, Marion High School FFA officer, recently attended a week-long leadership conference in Washington, D.C. He also visited Mount Vernon, the National Archives, Smithsonian Institution, Arlington National Cemetery, and the office of Congressman Dan Glickman. Doug is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kjellin.

Last modified Aug. 4, 2016