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december 24, 1980

Members of the Marion Chamber of Commerce heard a presentation Friday on downtown revitalization. The town is the first community in Kansas to be studied by the planning division of the Kansas Department of Economic Development (KDED).

A trio composed of Donna Hayen, Feebie Smith, and Sharon Lundgren entertained Kiwanians Monday. They sang Christmas selections and accompanied themselves with their guitars.

Alma Jean Wiebe was honored at a retirement party Tuesday to mark 17 years of service to the county. Pictured with her as they dropped by to pay respect to the long-time register of deeds were Lois Johnson and Vera Highsmith.

Dear Santa: I want a Lite Brite and some finger mail polish please. Your friend, Meggan Silhan.

P.S. Hi, Freddy wants a spring horse.

Careful not to look a gift house in the mouth, the Hillsboro City Council accepted a donation from Vernon Wiebe of the “Schaeffler House,” a city landmark of sorts. Wiebe suggested the house be used to promote the city’s heritage and be opened as a museum.

But, city officials were worried that insurance and maintenance on the house would add an unexpected burden on the city budget. Councilman Allen Grunau finally ended the discussion saying the city should accept the offer before the owners back off.

Dear Santa: My name is Melanie. I am two years old. For Christmas this year I would like to have a baby doll, some puzzles, and a Miss Piggy hand puppet. I have been a good girl this year. I have a baby sister. Her name is Sara. Please bring her something nice too. Melanie Cleeton, Russell

P.S. I will be at Grandma’s house for Christmas.

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