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june 20, 1963

The five-digit ZIP Code number for Marion is 66861, Postmaster Paul Shana announced today. All citizens should learn their city’s ZIP Code and use it in their return address on all correspondence.

Six units of Marion County Girl Scouts, some 130 girls and 20 volunteer leaders, are attending “Windy Hollow Day Camp” this week. The camp is located at the southeast edge of Marion, along Spring Creek, on land owned by Mr. and Mrs. Norman Plenert, Dean Batt, and Edward Costello.

Mrs. Clayton Hamm was hostess Wednesday afternoon to a birthday party honoring her daughter, Shirley Ann’s ninth birthday. Guests were Jeannie Kirstein, Donna Douglas, Joanne Popp, Cherri Ottensmeier, Linda Wray, Sherrie Weddel, Donna Anderson, Diane Weber, Jean Holt, Jane Lentz, Sherrie Howell, and Debbie Bell.

Cub Scouts held a fishing derby at the Marion County Lake Saturday afternoon. The four prizewinners were: Doug Keazer, first, with a 12½-inch bass; second, James Druse with a 7½-inch crappie; Mark Rathert, third, with 50 assorted fish; and Billy Finke, fourth, a 2½-inch perch.

Tammy Lynn Sandwell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sandwell, Marion, arrived at St. Luke Hospital on June 19.

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