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october 31, 1963

Meetings will be held in the near future in each of the high school districts in Marion County, except Goessel which has already met, under the auspices of the Marion County School Planning Committee. The purpose of these meetings will be to explain the school unification bill and to determine the desires of the residents of each of the districts.

Marion Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America held a “Mock Homecoming” football game Tuesday evening. Bob Olsen was crowned FHA King for 1963-64. His attendants were Larry Ensey, Dennis Conyers and Chuck Bredemeier. Cheerleaders were football players Gene Schimpf, Max Jackson, Tom Tucker, Dick Hamlin and Chris Hauser. The game itself was made up of two girls’ football teams. No one reported the final score.

A dress-up birthday party was held Wednesday after school at the Rosse Case home honoring Teresa’s eighth birthday. Invited guests were Lisa Holmes, Becky Wood, Jeanie Widler, Nancy Bennett, Kathy Newlin, Jo Marie Mueller, Debbie Link, Dottie Lentz, and Diana Case.

Mr. and Mrs. John Mehl had the following guests for supper Saturday evening honoring the 21st birthday of Richard McLinden: Mr. and Mrs. Richard McLinden, Mr. and Mrs. Bud McLinden, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Longhofer and Mr. and Mrs. John Wheeler.

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