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march 9, 1967

Members of a Citizens Advisory Committee met Tuesday morning at Marion Municipal Building. Committee members came up with several proposed plans they will present to the city commission as ideas for civic improvements.

Saucers, or at least unidentified flying objects, were sighted Wednesday night in Marion, Chase, and Harvey counties by police officers on duty. The officers seem to agree that it looked like a bright light in the sky. One object, in the western sky, was viewed by one officer through binoculars. He stated it changed colors — red, green, and yellow. They all agree that they saw it. There’s no question about that.

Two big bobcats, one male and the other a smaller female, were bagged during the past few days by Harry Hefley’s hounds on French Creek. Many people have been reporting bobcats for the past couple of years, but this is the first real evidence.

Carol Richardson of Kinsley, granddaughter of Claude Ayler, has been selected as one of several Kansas youths to participate in the annual United Nations seminar in New York City from March 3 to 12.

Marion’s beloved “Mashers” went down to glorious defeat Monday night in the opening round of their own invitational commercial league tournament. They were defeated by Valley Center, 104-89.

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