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august 2, 1951

The three-day citywide “Flood Sale” conducted last weekend by Marion merchants was a real success, according to reports from many persons — both shoppers and merchants. Clothing, shoes, household items were in prime demand. A number of merchants were almost completely sold out at the end of the first day.

The Marion city water supply was given the official OK for drinking and other purposes by the State Board of Health as of last Thursday, July 26.

The long-planned renovation and remodeling of the County Home building southwest of Marion will start soon, it was revealed this week. Fred Foth of Hillsboro will have charge of the carpenter work.

Linda’s Lunch, the former Del Mar Café north of the Marion National Bank, is the new name of the local eating place. It has been purchased and is being operated by Mrs. Linda Lipps.

A rapidly snowballing movement is on foot, not only in Kansas, but among individuals, groups, and firms all over the United States to rebuild and re-equip the flood-damaged libraries in towns and cities.

According to
William Knode, the newspaper’s correspondent for the Grapes community, the older residents of that community were saddened by the passing of their old pioneer friend, Clyde Loveless.

In the pioneer days, folks around Elk would start at daybreak in hot weather with their horses and spring wagon to get in to the W.W. Loveless and Sons big department store to avoid the rush of the crowd of shoppers that frequented the Loveless store continually.

He seemed a father to us. Clyde and his family helped to “make Marion mighty.” But the best epitaph is “He was a friend to man.”

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