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september 20, 1951

Fifty rural one-teacher elementary schools are operating in Marion County this term. This is one more than last year. The addition is New Hope, District 55, southwest of Marion.

Lt. Edwin Wheeler, 25, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Wheeler, was wounded Sept. 6 while on patrol duty with the 25th Infantry Division in Korea. His wounds are described as being from shrapnel, which hit him in the arm, leg and hips.

Five Marion girls have entered nursing training at Wesley Hospital School of Nursing. Included are Isla May Hiebert, Phyllis Magathan, Carol Oblander, Laura Jane Bredemeier, and Ethel Hiebert.

Final papers were completed this week on the sale of the Methodist parsonage at the corner of Santa Fe and North Fourth streets to Ray Kelsey. The church is making plans to either buy or build a new parsonage.

A “going away” party for last year’s senior Marion High School girls was enjoyed Sept. 6 at the home of Mrs. Roger Hannaford. Her daughter, Mary, and Sarabel Wolf were hostesses. Those attending were Ethel Hiebert, Isla Mae Hiebert, Phyllis Magathan, Laura Jane Bredemeier, Doris Meredith, Roberta Newsom, Jeaneen Brose, Marjie Collett, Janice Meisner, Clair Hyde, Alice Ward, Dorothy Sandwell, Pat Henry, Carolyn Platt and the hostesses.

George Washburn, Newton, has rented the former Meadowbrook Ice Cream store and plans to open a second recreation parlor for Marion.

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