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october 9, 1952

Quite a number of good friends and neighbors got together Wednesday afternoon and in less than four hours combined a large field of milo at the farm of Mrs. Mattie Mersereau, north of Marion. Nine combines and three or four trucks took part in the friendly gesture.

Mary Ann Miller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Miller of Lincolnville, is a polio patient at St. Francis Hospital, Wichita

Ed Stenzel, who was badly burned some time ago, is doing nicely in Veteran’s Hospital, Wichita. Friends are glad to know that he will be able to return home soon.

Mrs. Lonnie Tidwell helped her daughter, Cheryl, entertain a number of friends Saturday afternoon in honor of her sixth birthday. The guest list included JoAnn Magee, Kay Amick, Linda Amick, Kathryn Risinger, Barbara Weber, Shirley Bredemeier, Doris Marie Haas, Melody Thompson, Judy Broadstreet, Eileen Ireland, and Connie Warneke.

Carmen Siebert entertained with a slumber party Friday honoring Billie Herbert. The girls slept in the clubhouse in the Siebert garage, which had been fitted up this summer by this group of girls. Carmen’s mother, Mrs. Howard Siebert, served breakfast to the girls.

Printed in this issue is the first group of children listed as “First Citizens” in Broadstreet’s child portrait contest.

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