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July 15, 1954

Marion Creamery, distributors in a large part of Kansas for a well-known brand of frozen foods, has just added extensive cold storage facilities for this expanding business. The room is 40’ x 15’ x 10’ with walls, ceiling, and concrete floor insulated with 8 inches of cork. Going into the room on Monday, you dropped from the outside temperature of 115 degrees to 5-degrees below zero — a 20-degree change. It’s a “cool” place to work.

The Cubby Hole Lunch, for many years owned and operated by the late Emory Hawbecker, and currently run by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dick, was purchased this week from Mrs. Hawbecker by Cook Motor Company. It will remain in its present site and will be leased or sold to the Dicks, C.E. Cook announced.

A lack of rainfall and resulting water shortage in streams and ponds over the county continues. Three farmers, who irrigate fields from Mud and Clear creeks above Marion, were asked by letter from the city commission this week to discontinue irrigating, for the time being, since the water supply for the city was being materially cut down.

A group of Marion young people enjoyed a dinner party and dance at the Trig in Wichita Saturday night. Places were marked for Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Longhofer, Mr. and Mrs. Wharton Hoch, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Westerhaus, and Mr. and Mrs. F.R. Yaussi.

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